Once you receive your acceptance letter from the school, you will receive all the necessary information on how to apply for housing.
It’s important to note that accommodation at Boden Business Park is not guaranteed for students.

The allocation of accommodations follows a first come, first served principle.



These are our different types of accommodation at Boden Game Camp.


Furnished module with toilet, shower and kitchenette. Shared laundry room.

18/28 m2


Unfurnished apartment with toilet, shower and kitchenette. Shared laundry room

20–92 m2

Student room

Furnished room with shared toilets, shower, laundry room, living room and kitchen. 

8–28 m2

Do you have any questions regarding housing?

Feel free to drop us a line!

Find your housing

Since we don’t guarantee housing you can find all the landlords in Boden here!