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Let us assist you in establishing your business at Boden Game Camp.
We have the knowledge and tools to make the process smooth, and we are passionate about seeing others succeed.



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The Talent Pipeline

Let us assist you in establishing your business at Boden Game Camp. We have the knowledge and tools to ensure a smooth process, and we are passionate about seeing others succeed.

We understand the challenges involved in setting up a new company or branch in a new location. That is why we are here to help you smoothly transition into your new establishment.

By choosing to establish your business in Boden, you can rely on building a long-term relationship with individuals who genuinely care about your success.


Their vision is for Norrbotten to evolve into a prominent gaming industry cluster, and they anticipate substantial growth for their business in Boden in the coming years.




We are dedicated to developing and providing an attractive, sustainable business environment where individuals can thrive, whether in urban or rural areas. Here, you will find all the resources necessary to develop your business. The environment is personal and familiar, fostering natural and effortless meetings and networking.

Our ecosystem and close partnerships serve as branches, enabling ideas to evolve into business models, from inspiration to reality.

Boden Business Park offers office spaces, conference rooms, student housing, a game incubator, and provides free and confidential advice. On-site, you will find a hotel, a restaurant, and our gym. Within walking distance, there is a health center, a grocery store, and a golf course.

We have dedicated two large facilities for game development at Boden Business Park, namely Verkstan and Studion. Verkstan was inaugurated in 2020 and serves as the breeding ground for future talents in the industry. In Studion, most of our companies are located, creating magic and making things happen.

Brief info about Boden Business Park:

  • 15 000 square meters
  • Sound studio
  • Film studio
  • Cinema   
  • Over 70 companies from different industries  
  • 300 students
  • 9 km to Boden city
  • 30 km to Luleå city / Luleå airport

Financial Support

There are various types of financial support available that you can apply for if you decide to establish your business at Boden Game Camp.

We are here to assist you in identifying the appropriate form of support for your company that can accelerate the growth of your business or idea. We understand the challenges of finding the right type of support, and we will make every effort to help you succeed on your journey. Our offices are just a short distance away from yours, so feel free to contact any one of us to obtain more information.


International Onboarding

In Boden, we embrace the concept of #Närhetsliv, which means living a life where you have proximity to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping, and nature.

We aim to provide individuals with the space to embark on their own journeys amidst the ongoing green revolution in Boden. It is crucial for not only the growth of the steel industry but also for the growth of other industries, in line with the significant changes taking place here. We believe in offering a wide range of options to provide opportunities for everyone.

The concept of #Närhetsliv is inclusive and open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Whether you come from Luleå, Stockholm, or Bangladesh, we strive to create an inclusive climate where everyone feels a sense of belonging, security, and opportunities for personal growth. This approach makes Boden an appealing destination for starting a business, studying game development, or seeking a new lifestyle. Everyone should feel welcome and embraced here.

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Boden Game Camp has developed a thriving ecosystem for game development in the north.

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