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Boden Game Camp has developed a thriving ecosystem for game development in northern Sweden, with a variety of educational programs and support from companies, incubators, and other resources. When you arrive at Boden Game Camp, you will embark on your journey to become a professional game developer or to accelerate the progress of your studio’s startup.

Welcome to the hub of digital creators!


Take your game to the market

Pitch your idea! Take the chance of 12 months in our Game Incubator, where you will be served does tools and support that’s needed to take your game to the next level. 

Start a satellite Studio

We offer a possibility to get closer to students, support and a business related community for you to accelerate your company. Get in contact with our business developers to gain more information and on-boarding to setup a studio in Boden.

Job opportunities

Get updated from the studios of job opportunity’s or internships in the games industry. There is a lot of ways and new opportunity’s of a career with in games.



Get to know us before you step into Boden Game Camp. Join our Discord to meet more people from our community.


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You will receive a separate link in the admission letter from the education program.


Yes, you will have access to all the necessary tools.

The fastest way is to take a flight to Luleå and then continue by bus or train. Alternatively, you can board a train that originates from Gothenburg, passes through Stockholm, and arrives in Boden.

There are many things to do in Boden, and it's up to you to decide what you're interested in. You can find communities dedicated to board games or game jams. You can even start your own studio with your friends, seek job opportunities at the studios in Boden, or get involved in the diverse communities that exist in this small city. Boden offers various opportunities for wildlife exploration, winter activities, sports, and cultural entertainment. The choice is yours to make!

Talk to one of our business developers, and they will guide you through Boden Game Camp and listen to your needs.