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Start your career in some of those studios in Boden. Combine that with a great living with a short distance to nature, social and supplies for a healthier and sustainable life.

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If you’re more interested in starting your own studio, we have support and our own incubator that can help you accelerate your start.


One of the most important for us – Make a great start for you. Boden Game Camp and the municipality has a support that helps you on the way to find listnings, schools, communities and fundamental functions to generate an introduction to those things that finds your interest in Boden.


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The individual journey

Upon arriving at Boden Game Camp, you will begin your journey to become a professional game developer. In addition to working on your computer, you will have the opportunity to engage with studios and future employers from the moment you enter the building. This may feel unfamiliar at first, as you may not yet know what your future holds. To prepare for this experience, we have provided some information for you.



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Boden Business Park is home to approximately 70 companies conducting their daily business. As a result, the setting is professional, and we expect all students to behave in a respectful and considerate manner towards the companies, studios, and others present.

Everyone at Boden Business Park except for students are there for business related reasons. If you wish to contact any company, Boden Game Camp or Boden Business Park for suggestions, questions or ambitions we want you to be aware that you are at that moment stepping into a professional setting.

Maintain good hygiene and work to your best advantage. This doesn't mean you need to wear a suit and tie, but do make an effort to keep things neat and tidy. Keep your desk clean, wear deodorant, use clean clothes, and try to present yourself at your best. Come as you are, but bring your best self.

In the common areas and open spaces, you never know who might be visiting or passing through. One day, the highest levels of politics may be present or a game investor, while another day your future employer may come by. Be mindful of your language, behavior, and tone in these shared spaces.

It's always a good idea to have some of your work on hand to show off to potential employers or partners. You never know who you will run into, keep some cool things you've done saved in your phone.

Consider getting involved with the student union or gathering friends to take on service projects outside of school. Many businesses are looking for technical talent to help with their projects, and you may have the opportunity to find part-time employment or create your own opportunities.

If you wish to contact any company, Boden Game Camp, or Boden Business Park with suggestions, questions, or ambitions, please be aware that responses are typically provided during business hours (usually 07.00 - 17.00). It's always a good idea to plan and prepare in advance for any pitch or presentation.

Keep it appropriate. Your first and last name may be visible to others..

We understand that many of you have great ideas and suggestions. To allow us to best assist you, it is helpful if you can provide advance notice of your ideas and requests. This allows us to plan and potentially make things happen more efficiently.

Make the most of your study time by building your network. Connect with others on LinkedIn, build an audience on Instagram, tweet about game development, share your portfolio on your own website, or share programming tips and tricks on TikTok! Take this time to try new things.

If you are inviting a future business partner or employer for a meeting, it is always a plus to offer coffee or a Swedish "fika" to optimize the experience.

Be extra mindful of your behavior on the internet, and do not spread disinformation. This includes on our server as well as others. Remember that on the internet, it can be difficult to predict what will stay online or be shared with others. To prevent unwanted associations with disinformation, be sure to check your sources before sharing or commenting on information. Don't be afraid to ask critical questions of yourself or others to ensure the accuracy of what you are sharing. Remember that your future employer may be very familiar with Discord, especially within the gaming Industry. 

Keep in mind that language and tone can come across as harsher than intended on the internet. Exaggeration is also common as a means of standing out in the noise.

Your online accounts and digital footprint can be researched or screenshotted, so it's important to be mindful of how you present yourself online.

However, don't be afraid to ask questions, contribute, or engage within the community. Just be extra careful for yourself and others.

Carry your own brand with you and take this time to develop your networking and digital social skills.

Reach out to new people, connect, plan, or arrange digital or physical events together. You might even meet your next best friend! Encourage others to engage with your initiatives and show your support for others.

If something goes wrong, practice saying sorry, take responsibility, and use it as a learning opportunity. It's important to take care of your relationships.

  • Support good initiatives within your friends and community
  • Share tips and helpful information
  • Give constructive feedback to others
  • Help others in need
  • Connect with others and build relationships
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Share memes and other content that brings joy to others
  • Report any misbehavior or inappropriate content
  • Share genuine questions and seek to learn from others
  • Share your good news and successes with others
  • Support others in their endeavors and projects
  • Include sources for the information you share
  • Avoid extreme or polarizing topics
  • Encourage nuanced and balanced discussions
  • Ask questions and explain your perspective to others when appropriate.

By being an active member you are building your own network, may receive valuable feedback and knowledge from others, start connecting today!


It may seem unusual that we have expectations or demands of you, but we only want you to be your best self and make the most of this opportunity you are stepping into. We have worked hard to create this space and opportunity for you to excel in your studies and kickstart your career.

It is your responsibility to take advantage of this opportunity.

From the moment you are accepted as a student at Boden Business Park, the Boden Game Camp offer becomes available to you. This includes our code of conduct, which outlines the expectations we have for all members of our community.

  • 24/7 access to facilities and areas
  • The opportunity to host or attend activities
  • Use of high-standard computers for projects, game testing, events, or game jams (not your school equipment)
  • VR equipment
  • A TV and sofas in the club
  • Use of our high-end cinema
  • Frequently hosted game jams
  • Annual Brännboll tournament
  • Soccer community practices
  • Community-hosted activities open to all
  • An onboarding guide
  • The option to apply for housing
  • A joinery for crafts
  • A creative outlet to paint murals or decorate the club
  • Sponsored Boden Game Camp event supplies when attending conferences
  • The black box, a XXX square meter area
  • A Boden and Luleå tour
  • A sound studio opening in 2023 for projects
  • Boden Game Camp merchandise for new students
  • And more!

At Boden Business Park and Boden Game Camp, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive platform that is welcoming to all, regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, religion, or age, both in real life and online.

We all have a role in creating a safe work environment. Cultural conflicts and language barriers may arise, and we will always do our best to understand and support others in these situations.

We practice inclusivity in our activities, ensuring that everyone feels welcome to participate and see what is happening.

We believe that the world is not black and white, and we encourage nuanced perspectives in discussions, both online and in real life.

As members of the Boden Game Camp community, it is our responsibility to set a good example for the next generation of game developers, many of whom are here seeking their own dreams. We do everything we can to make those dreams a reality.

The gaming industry does not tolerate bullies, whether in school or at work, online or in real life.

If you see someone being hurt, be brave and take action. If you or someone you know is being targeted, alert your school for assistance.

As our community grows, it's not necessary to love everyone you meet. Instead, practice acceptance, listening, respect, and an open mind, and you will receive the same in return.

Use this time to develop your social and collaboration skills, so you can enter your career with confidence.

If you are unsure about the rules, ask for clarification instead of making assumptions.

If students wish to organize activities, they must follow these terms and conditions.

For Fabriken:

  • Activities in Fabriken must be booked in advance. Students do not have access to the booking system, so they must go through Hanna and Selma to book the space. This is to ensure that the event does not conflict with other bookings.
  • A contact person must be designated. This person must be available to take calls during the activity in case of emergencies and will be responsible for cleaning and restoration after the event. They should also announce the event to the community and keep in communication with the Boden Game Camp team.
  • The event should be announced in the #community-events channel on Discord. All activities held in Fabriken must be inclusive and open for everyone in the Boden Game Camp community to attend.
  • Private events are not allowed in Fabriken. For private events, pricing must be discussed. Currently, we cover the rental cost for activity areas.
  • Always restore the space to its original condition before leaving. Do not dispose of trash, pizza boxes, soda cans, or bottles in the trash cans in the club. Take everything you bring with you when you leave. If something breaks or is damaged, the contact person must alert us to the details, including the time and individuals involved.
  • We do not cover cleaning or trash removal outside of business hours or on weekends. To avoid fees, restore the space before the following day. We only cover cleaning and trash removal during business hours.

13 000 SQM for the game industry

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The individual journey


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