Web Developer E-commerce

CSN: Yes

Start date: 30/08/21

Location: Online

By training to be a web developer in e-commerce, you get a unique skills mix that is in high demand in the job market. You get an overview of e-commerce and you learn dynamic web development where design, layout and the webshop’s functions interact and support the customer’s overall experience (UX / UI). You learn to manage databases, you build responsive websites for mobile platforms, and create systems and integrations for flows within today’s e-commerce. 

We work with a number of companies and organizations, all of which express a growing need for e-commerce web developers. We have gathered some of the industry’s most knowledgeable developers and lecturers in web development, web programming, web design and e-commerce under one roof. You get the opportunity to train as the sharpest web developer in the e-commerce of the future. You set the bar yourself for how far you want to reach during your two years with us. 

It is important to understand the customer’s overall shopping experience, which includes the e-store’s design and functions, the actual product / service, marketing, service, quality and delivery terms. The offer must work regardless of whether the customer wants to shop via computer, tablet, mobile phone, smartwatch or other digital device.

Industry knowledge and development
Digital Marketing
E-commerce and business development
Systems and solutions for e-commerce
Master thesis
Project management for Web and IT
UX, Design and Layout
Web applications for mobile devices
Programming with integration of e-commerce
Programming for hosting of web services.

Guaranteed housing

It does't matter where you from. All the students at Boden Game Camp is guaranteed housing in a close distance to the school.


Thanks to our great studios we have the opportunity to offer internship just one floor up from the education.

Game Jams

We love games and will always do. There for we're hosting alot of Game Jams in our area. Everything from small to big ones with top studios from Sweden.

Board Game Nights

Our Board Game Cluster host once a week a Board Game Night. Meet new friends, play games and enjoy.

How is life in Boden?

Boden aims to create a town that is close to everything that is important and a little more – the children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature experiences. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Whether you come from Luleå, Stockholm or Somalia, we will create an inclusive climate where everyone feels belonging, security and an opportunity for development.