Khoubeib Klai is a computer engineer from Tunisia, during his internship he was offered a job at one of the large internationally gaming companies in Sävast.

Khoubeib Klai is one of the “wiz-kids” as the games industry can find in Sävast. A rough, or in his case quite sharply cut, diamond. He got headhunted already during the education for the gaming companies that are awake and searching abilities in the world. 

Although he is most humble, he admits that he probably had quite extensive expertise and high level of Game Development as soon as he got here and had already worked with game development in Tunisia. He had early seen that Sweden has many talented names and when he came here, he wanted to get to know the Swedish culture and gaming industry here. 

During the first year of Future Games Indie he got in touch with one of the companies from the United States that has established in Sävast. After that he was offered a job on condition that he completes his education.

– I think it’s really good environment here and good people. The gaming industry is growing and I am particularly pleased that it is growing here in Boden. It generates jobs, money and opportunities for many.