Jocelyn Godoy is not afraid of winter and she loves the nature. ’I have never seen so many trees before, she laughs.’ She is one of the new Web developers students in Sävast.

The route from the US to Boden went through Karlskrona and love. Jocelyn had moved there with her Swedish husband when her eyes spotted the education in Sävast. An education that would also be held in English.

– I thought it sounded like a perfect chance! My husband also works in IT and got a job in Lulea. And I can both work and study here in Sävast says Jocelyn. She also arrange her own online-courses in English with own students around the world.

She sees e-commerce as a fast-growing market for those who have the right practice and hope to get contacts here in Boden.

– So far, I am so impressed that everyone is so accommodating and pleasant. It is truly genuine hospitality here. 

She describes the education in very positive terms.

– It was action right away. What we’re talking about one day we do next. We learn by getting the test itself. My plan is to find a company here that want my knowledge where I can do my practice and hopefully get a job here in the future. But right now I’m most interested in knowing more about what’s happening here in Boden, which kind of things can I do and what’s in the city, she smiles.