Contact: emil@bodenbusinesspark.se for application and information, regarding Game & UX Desginer, Game Programmer and Project Manager IT & Games. 

Game & UX Designer

Learn how to design games for a better user experience

Game Programmer

Be the programmer of tomorrow with one of the best educations!

Project Manager Games

Learn how to lead and manage a team or a studio in the Games Industry

QA / Game Tester

A QA tester quality assures digital productions and games through systematic tests where the process is planned, implemented and documented.


The education will provide you with tools and skills to work as an indie game developer in your own company, together with others or as an employee.

Indie Game Education
Indie Game Education

Indie Boot Camp

Get a jumpstart into the world of Indie Games, as we take you from concept to business strategy – through courses in Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art & more! 

E-Commerce developer

Invest in your future and join us in our Web Developer and E-commerce course, where you will be involved in developing the E-commerce solutions of today and the future!

Technical College

Start you career in the Game Industry from an early stage. Get the knowledge of the development process and Game Making. 


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